Inspire art enabled our citizens here at Cerebral Palsy Midlands to feel inspired and empowered by discovering and obtaining new skills in all kinds of art. What ever a clients ability we here at CPM are able to provide the necessary support without comprimising the artist and their talent or creativity. From card making, creating improvised music, movement and dance workshops, painting and and sculpting, we really do try our hands at everything here at our community centre. 
The VeraNic Art Project is a more bespoke and sohisticated group of artists here at Cerebral Palsy Midlands. The group was set up to encourage our client’s creativity and imagination through the creation of various art pieces. These range from paintings, sketches, 3D sculptures and many more. The group is led by our amazing art tutor Mark Jenkins, a freelance artist, who encourages all of our clients to express themselves, through art, in whichever way they wish. Anyone in the centre is welcome to come and join. 
We meet every Monday and Thursday. 
Please take some time to look at our current artists. Each artist has their own web page displaying some of their collections. 
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Samantha Boswell 

Sam is an artist that specialises in 3D figures depicting characters from her favourite plays. Her current piece was inspired by Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet. 

Clifford Adams 

Clifford is a very experienced artist. His work includes sculptures, which he dedicates a lot of time, energy and research into producing. His most recent sculpture was of 80's film start Sgt B.A Baracus, also known as Mr T from 'The A Team' movie.  

Jeffrey  Young 

Jeffrey is a fantastic painter and most of his work he paints from memory. Jeffrey probably has the biggest collection of paintings here at CPM and had over 300 peices of work. 

Carl Johnson 

Carl is a brilliant artist who creates a variety of different pieces. He spends countless hours researching, producing and finaly completing his creations. One of Carl's current pieces depicts a football player.  

Mary Hill 

Mary is a well esablished artist within her own right and works very hard on all her artwork. Her art pieces tend to be influenced by famous artists like Picasso. Mary rereates their pieces through the use of masking tape and markers to get the required final piece. Her current piece was inspired by Picasso's "Women with pears"  

Gary Ironmonger 

Gary is an artist who has an artistic flare for the creation of 3D Models. His current piece took hours of work just to create the plain sculpture. This including shaping the polystyrene, covering the sculpture in bandages and in mod rock and then finishing the sculpture by painting on features. 

Anthony Lunney 

Anthony is an artist who is inspired by anything. He enjoys creating pieces that can not only help develop his artistic skills, but also something that will look nice at CPM. His recent peice was completed in severeal different stages to get to the final piece.  

Emma Miller 

Emma is a talented artist, who enjoys creating a variety of different pieces including puppets, decorations, cards and many more. Her current piece is a puppet that is been put together through the creation of every different joint separately.  
On 15th November 2018 at 14:43, Claire Worley wrote:
I would like to join you, volunteer and offer my support in 2019. I used to work for Sandwell MBC as Manager Appointeeship & Court of Protection Team until 3 hrs ago. I no longer work n suffer from FMS and would like to work with a local group such as yourselves encouraging vulnerable people achieve some of their life goals. Please let me know if I can be of help. I also run crafting groups for people who suffer from anxiety and depression from my own home so I also have creative skills. My mobile no is 07749492941. I will be out of the country until 24th Nov. Regards Claire
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