Mary Hill  

Mary has cerebral palsy, which is a condition that confines her to a wheelchair and affects her hands, so struggles to hold things like pencils and paintbrushes. This is not something she allows to affect her though and constantly strives to do the best she can with this showing through her art work. 
All of Mary's art pieces are inspired through the art pieces of other artists. Her most recent creation was inspired by Picasso's 'women with pears' (1909). This has taken Mary countless months to complete, due to the process of creating the individual shapes with masking tape and markers to put together the final piece. (Please see bottom right photo). 

Mary's work 

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A trasncript from a magazine page with the caption 'Frank Ready to Party'. May 2018 

Announciation After Bottecelli, 2016 

A transcript of a painting from Henri Matisse 'Marguerite Reading' 1906 

A transcript from Picasso‚Äôs Harlequins, October 2015 

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On 21st March 2019 at 13:10, Ian White wrote:
I love your material! Would you consider letting me make cards from photographs of some of your work and pay you royalties from sales?

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