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Celebrating our seventy years of service as Cerebral Palsy Midlands this year, I have been researching through our rich archives and history to find our early beginning's and how we come to be set up offering day care services to adults with cerebral palsy and relating conditions. Today I found a yearbook, celebrating fifty years of Midlands People with Cerebral Palsy (MSA) now Cerebral Palsy Midlands (CPM) and inside the yearbook, a poem written by one of our long term clients, Margaret Green, caught my eye.  
Count your blessings by Margaret Green 
All of us have problems 
Which makes us gripe and groan 
So that feel hard done by 
And gives us cause to moan 
But when I look around at life 
And see how it can be 
I see many other folk 
Much worse off than me 
It makes me stop and wonder 
How awful it would be 
If I were suddenly struck blind 
With eyes that could not see 
And loving music as I do 
My feelings are so strong 
For all the deaf who cannot hear 
The sound of birds in song. 

Margaret Green, here singing at our CPM Factor talent competition in 2016. Singer and Poet here at CPM 

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