Embrace the World with Cerebral Palsy Midlands 

Cerebral Palsy Midlands support our citizens to get out and access the community, promoting social interaction and combating social isolation. No destination is too far, no experience too grand. We encourage our citizens to embark on exciting day trips, indulge in short breaks that rejuvenate the spirit, and be active participants in Council consultation groups that shape the future. The ideas for daytrips are endless; leisure activities, shopping trips, bowling, cinema visits, events, medical and GP appointments, Council consultation groups, day trips to the zoo or beach and more. 
This is an essential part of our service, enabling our citizens to get out and about and to be an integral part of the community knowing what services they can access. 
We ensure that all trips are risk assessed, managed, well staffed with the right care. We check the accessibility of any venue or location for those with mobility impairments. We also have to have drivers, escorts and care staff who are fully trained to meet the needs of our client group in any community outing. 

Here are some of the examples of day trips that our citizens have decided that they want to go to. 

Out for a game of bowling 
Going out for meals 
Visiting a Gallery 
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