The Rise of The CPM Connection 

Inclusive LIVE  Music Sessions 

The CPM Connection is a grpup based here at Cerebral Palsy Midlands who create their own rock music to empower a diverse group of adults with disabilities to become talented musicians. 

A musical Platform for expression Building Confidence and Independence 

The CPM Connection is supervised by Ben Linstead, specialised techniques and methods have proven to be highly stimulating for people of various ages and interests. 
We have a good selection of instruments and gear; including drums, guitars, keyboards, pedal effects, percussion, mics, amps, speakers and computer systems. 
The CPM Connection involves guided free-expression, adaptive teamwork, bespoke one-on-one sessions, personal development, recording work, IT / sound production experience, visual design, instrument maintenance and public performances. 
We have a live room practice from 1pm - 3pm every Tuesday, occasionally recording parts individually on our Mac computer to create albums and individual pieces of work. 
On Thursdays from 10am - 12pm we regularly use multiple connected headphones in order to interact with each other in a controlled intimate environment and occasionally record. 
We also now have interactive gaming (Thursday afternoons from 1pm – 3pm) and personal interest focussed sessions on Friday mornings (10am – 12pm). 
Virtual Reality and Motion Sensor activities are also available. 
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