The empowerment of Music  

Established in February 2010 under the leadership of Richard Ganner, the "Being Heard" music group emerged with the belief that music knows no boundaries. Initially focused on music appreciation, the group expanded to include vocal rehearsal and performances, both individual and collective. 
As time unfolded, the group's dynamics evolved toward music composition and lyric production. Members actively contributed to creating three musical works: 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' (2015), 'Every Life Has Its Purpose' (2017) commemorating the 70th anniversary of 'Carlson House School,' and 'The Railway Children' (2018). 
Today, the "Being Heard" music group thrives, fostering an appreciation for music as an art form through practical rehearsals, performances, and collaborative ventures with other art forms. We take pride in our strong connections with fellow arts organizations like 'Quench Arts' and 'Wilson Stuart School.' Join us on this musical journey where creativity knows no limits! 
"Tea With Two Sugars" 
Perhaps Being Heard's biggest project is their most recent film production "Tea With Two Sugars", a musical film focusing on the struggles that people with disabilities may face in every day life. 
The story follows three characters Nicky, Dan and Lizzy as they talk about what has happened in their lives since they last met together. Varying issues within today’s society are raised by the characters including difficulty with transport and unintended ableism to name just a few. Together they aim to find reasoning for these issues and ways to overcome them, all while sipping their "Tea With Two Sugars" 

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