Did you know that one study found that 54% of adults with a learning disability have a mental health condition? However, the health needs of people with a learning disability can often be unrecognised, unreported, and therefore untreated. 
"This is Us" workshops have been created by "Together Minds" to help citizens who attend from CPM: 
To understand the needs and experiences of people with mental health conditions and learning disabilities 
To identify the symptoms of mental ill health for someone who has a learning disability. 
To recognise how to support an adult with learning disabilities who is experiencing mental ill health. 
We are pleased that our 'Friend of CPM' Jo-Anne Shellum is back this month with a second set of 'This is us' training and development sessions for our citizens.The aims of the project are to empower disabled adults to understand their own mental health and respond appropriately to their own mental ill health. We know there are still huge barriers and challenges that exist for disabled individuals and their mental health. The health needs of people with learning disabilities can often be unrecognised and therefore not supported. This project hopes to address those barriers and have a positive impact on our community. 
In our last session with trainer Jo-Anne, we discussed safety, healthy relationships and abuse. We have been discussing what the project will cover over the up and coming weeks and we also started to explore how to have difficult conversations. 
If you would like to know more, visit https://www.facebook.com/TogetherMinds or email Jo-Anne Jo.shellum@sociabilitycare.org directly. 
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