Image shows our community of people at Cerebral Palsy Midlands and our Japanese guests; Shun Fujiwara from Amagasaki City, Hyogo prefecture, Masayuki Kiyota, Shun's carer and the founder of community based Non profit organisation "Moon and Wind" to provide care services. Seigo Nishimoto, Founder of Charity Shop "Free Help" in Kobe, Japan. Chihiro Harada, Ex-staff of Free Help, now working in Sri Lanka as a Japanese teacher for orphans. Ken Ricardo Marotta, my son of 12 years old and Ayako Nishiwaki, ex-social policy officer at Hyogo prefectural council on Social Welfare in Japan. 

On Wednesday 30th May Cerebral Palsy Midlands had a visitor, Shun Fujiwara, with cerebral palsy and his family, all the way from Japan. 
The group had looked for organisations in the UK to visit and found Cerebral Palsy Midlands through our interactive website. Shun and his family contacted our Centre Manager Gary Watson and planned their visit to the UK to include a whole day with our community at Cerebral Palsy Midlands. 
Our visitors wanted to meet others with disabilities, learn and understand what services we have in place here in the UK and to be inspired. They wanted to take their experiences back to Japan to help establish a better quality of life for their community of people. 
We were really pleased to have our guests, we gave them a tour of our facilities at CPM showcasing our Art tuition, Being Heard talented group and tai-chi instruction. We had a tradition English ‘Fish and Chips’ on the lunch time menu and Shun got to see some of the local residence where our citizens live independently nearby. 
Ayoko Nishiwaki, who works for the Foundation of MultiMedia Communications, Japan (FMMC) said;  
What an amazing day we have had with your people at CP Midlands today. Each minute and second, we spent there was so precious that we will always remember in our hearts. 
“The wonderful community you have established through not only your never ending hard work but also genuine love toward humanity was something unforgettable and gave all of us strength to make our society better place with our best effort. 
“I had never ever met any Council workers who can advocate needs of people in needs like Karl and Quaced. It was a living testimonial of your unbeatable achievements. It was astonishing to see them learning so much from your work. 
My long-term dream is to make a community shared house for the people in the community including the people with diverse needs. I am not sure if it will come true, but seeing you centre made me believe it could be possible.” 
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